Teen Spotlight: Oluwatosin Omolale, A young Budding Media Mogul

Question One: You are a teenager who has discovered your passion quite early, do share how you began on this path?

I grew up in a family where everyone was very peculiar about “having talents” but there was just one particular child who refused to either know how to draw, make hair or do something most people in the family could do. I enjoyed watching the news,holding combs to my mouth and talking like I was being interviewed, reading newspapers, fixing spoilt cables, using phones and doing anything that involved “technology and media”. I can’t really tell how I began but I remember I always loved being in the limelight. Everything started after an article I wrote got featured in “Teens Meet Online”, I was 16 then. For me, that was a major breakthrough in my career.

Question Two: What role did your parent(s) play?
My parents are very supportive. My dad has an unflinching love for the media because he has experienced it. Both parents have served as teachers and students in different cases. There were times when they needed someone to explain this new thing they found on the media and I was the best man for the job. There were also times when they discovered I was moving too fast so they called me, sat me down and taught me things that’d sharpen my life. To me,my parents support have gone a long way in bringing me where I am today.

Question Three: Tell us about your daily routine. I don’t necessarily have a daily routine because my schedule fluntuates. I mostly work on my phone so I rarely have meetings. When I work on events, I tend to have meetings a lot so I spend about three hours to the meeting going through what the meeting is for. Striking out plans and setting a strategic table to present at the meeting. Days when I have just lectures, I attend classes and meet with friends after. Other days, I just eat, watch movies and sleep.

Question Four: How do you manage school life with all of your other passions?
I think management is an ultimate gift God blessed me with. I am a very SMARTworker who has learnt balance in very tight situations. I make sure one part isn’t getting more attention than the other. That’s how I manage everything.

Question Five: Mention 3 people that inspire you and why. Ah! 3 is a very tight number.*laughs* I would talk about Obasuke Eniola, a law student and a huge media lover. She is the owner of “the loungers”, a talkshow that focuses on teens and youths development. I love how she balances school and work. I am yet to completely understand how she does everything. I am also a huge fan of Kunbi Black, the founder of “Techtrybe Africa”. Kunbi Black is someone I have worked with and I honestly learnt a lot from him. He is a very smart man who always has the right words to say and a solution to every problem. His love for technology isn’t something I can beat. Lol. Finally, I draw huge strength from Tyler Perry also known as “Madea”. Tyler Perry is the perfect definition of what I want to be. I see what he does as a clear path to drive through. I grew up watching his movies and stalking him on social media. He is one SMART worker I admire.

Question Six: What can you say is your greatest achievement so far?
Wow. This is a tricky question. Sometime this year, I got featured in the Lady with Balls magazine in the “30under30” section. It was a huge honor for me to be featured alongside women I sincerely look up to.

Question Seven: What mistake have you made that you could correct?
I don’t think I have made any mistake I could correct but sometimes, I wish I took charge of my own happiness instead of giving that key to people. I wish I formed a wall around my feelings long before now.

Question Eight: What drives you to do all the things that you do? An undying hunger to be successful while doing the things that make me happy.

Question Seven: What does Peer Pressure mean to you? Peer pressure is influence from one’s peer group. It simply means going out of your way to do something you naturally wouldn’t do because of a certain people.

Question Eight: Have you ever been a victim of peer pressure? If yes, how did you to deal with it. If no, how do you avoid it? I don’t think I have ever done things to please certain people or person(s). I would rather not pass my boundary because I know the repercussion that follows. I always like to tell people that they are responsible for every decision they make. Peer pressure or no pressure, you would face it alone. I avoid peer pressure by understanding that I have every power to control all that I do and allow get to me.

Question Nine: Do Perfect Teens Exist?
They honestly don’t.

Question Ten: Where do you see yourself in five years?
I see myself doing very very great things. I see myself owning my own media house in my preffered area of location. I see myself doing outreaches across the globe under “DareToCare foundation”, an NGo owned by my elder sister. I see myself working with the likes of Denrele Edun, Nancy Isime and so many other people. Above all, I see myself many steps ahead of where I am now.

Question Eleven: What is your advice for other young people who are looking up to you?
I don’t like the tone of your voice.*laughs* Obstacles will always rise, challenges will always be there, it is your choice to either overcome it or allow it alter your goal. Learn to take charge of your happiness and every single thing you do. Be very aggressive about your peace and growth. You are a star, act like one!

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