Teen Spotlight: A Young Actress And Scriptwriter Leaving Her Mark

My name is Seyi Crown, I am 19 years of age. I’m an actor, script writer, brand ambassador and a student of the University Of Lagos studying Creative Arts – I’m all about the art!
I’ve featured in a couple of films, written scripts for short films and adverts and I’m currently working with MNet productions as an actor. I live in Lagos.

Question One: You are a teenager who has discovered your passion quite early, do share how you began on this path?

1. I graduated from secondary school in 2016 didn’t get in to the university that year. It was a year of discovery for me. At that stage of my life, I knew that staying idle would result to nothing and so, I started reading books. Inspiring books. And I gained knowledge.
Ever since I was in my early years I’ve always wanted to be an actor and a lawyer but acting was my first and would always be. Then, I started attending a lot of auditions, conferences and seminars and I was usually the youngest yet looking mature. LOL.
The more I took actions, the more I became wiser and understood how somethings worked. It hasn’t been easy so far but the saying, ‘No pain, no gain’ keeps me moving.

Question Two: What role did your parent(s) play?

2. I’d say they were supportive especially my Mum and became more supportive when they began to see good results.

Question Three: Tell us about your daily routine.

3. For my daily routine, I plan the night before and make sure I don’t have more than 5 things to do in my todo list otherwise, I would do less.

Question Four: How do you manage school life with all of your other passions?

4. It is really difficult. I just have to sacrifice some of my lecture times to do what I love though I ensure it doesn’t affect my school result.

Question Five: Mention 3 people that inspire you and why.

5. Denzel Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio and Serena Williams. Their consistency and diligence grips me each time I watch them closely.

Question Six: What can you say is your greatest achievement so far?

6. Acting on good platforms with wonderful story lines and being in a circle of dream chasers and game changers. I am always thankful to Jesus for that!

Question Seven: What mistake have you made that you wish you could correct?

7. There are really no regrets but lessons learnt. But! I wish I was confident enough to face some of my biggest fears then. Although, to a large extent, I appreciate all of my courageous acts.

Question Eight: What drives you to do all the things that you do?

8. My love for arts and me knowing how much the entertainment industry can be of great impact to our communities and nations at large.

Question Nine: Have you ever been a victim of peer pressure? If yes, how did you to deal with it. If no, how do you avoid it?

9. No. Make convictions, stand on your ground, own it and be free. You are different, do what you know is right.

Question Ten: Do Perfect Teens Exist?

10. Haq haq haq. There is nothing like a ‘perfect teen’. Let not looks deceive you.

Question Eleven: Where do you see yourself in five years?

11. I see my best self, making positive impacts.

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