Circle Of Friends

The popular saying “Show me your friends and I would tell you who you are” is one of the most accurate descriptions of the power of friendships. I came across a social media post which pictured a youthful version of Adeyinka Asekun, Tunde Fowler and Yemi Osinbanjo. These are men who have been friends for over a decade, hanging out together and building dreams. The most outstanding thing about these men is that not one or two but all three currently hold top positions in the country. Professor Yemi Osinbanjo is the vice president of Nigeria, Tunde Fowler is the chairman of FIRS and High Commissioner Adeyinka Asekun is the Nigerian Ambassador to Canada.

3 Key Lessons from these Men:

  1. Your friends influence the outcome of your life: The people you hang out with often influence how you think or view the world. If their thought pattern is damaged or flawed yours would eventually become like this. Likewise, if their thought pattern is great and uplifting, yours would be as well. So surround yourself with people who have great values and you’ll surely be on your way to greatness.
  2. Your friends can be the key to your growth: If you hang out with friends who are also chasing dreams. When you eventually need critical help that could be the key to your success, they’ll be adequately equipped to help you either with their networks or with their money. If your friends aren’t pushing themselves now, eventually you’ll outrun them and rather than all of you complimenting each other, they would drag you back.
  3. Your friends would either bring out the best in you or the worst you subconsciously: We get motivated to do better by the actions of the people around us. If your friends are consistently breaking boundaries, you’ll be motivated to do the same as well because no one wants to be left behind. Likewise, if your friends are engaging in questionable things you’ll start to get excited by them and eventually start doing them. This could result in a bad end for you.

I have seen this lesson play out in my life. From a young age, I surrounded myself with likeminded people and now several years later, we are all leading successful lives. I want to charge you today to carefully curate your friends. Build a circle of friends that is made up of people who share good values and in many years from now, you would thank me.

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