The Purpose Series By Gbenga Obakin: How To Discover Your Purpose?

In the previous post, I spoke extensively on the meaning of purpose and on the right perspective to view purpose. Today I’ll be continuing from where I stopped as I delve into the actual practice of finding out what you were born to do.

How To Find Your Purpose?

1. Enquirer: The first step to finding out who you were born to be is to ask yourself important questions. What do I like? What do I enjoy doing? Who do I admire? If money wasn’t a factor what would I want to become? What is my dream job? What is my favorite talent?

Also, ask your family and friends; Focus on people that you know would be blunt with you. Ask them what you are good at and what they think you should become. Find the common ground between what you believe and what they have told you.

2. Practice All Of Your Findings: The only way you can truly know your purpose is by trying it out. You may discover that it isn’t what you really want or you may discover something else that is similar. Go out and explore the world. During the holiday go for training and summer camps. Try interning in some of these places and you’ll see the impact it would have on your life.

3. Pray: This should have been my first point. Pray to God and ask for guidiance. We only see the present but God sees the future. He sees what we would become and he can guide us in the now. So please pray and ask your parents or friends to pray with you.

My assignment for you today is to ask your heart and your friends for guidance on what your purpose is. Once you discover that pray to God for confirmation. Once you feel you’ve gotten one search for places that you can go to experience your choices.

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