The Purpose Series By Gbenga Obakin: What is Purpose?

“Purpose” is one word that has been used consistently by individuals, religious leaders and mentors. There is a lot of buzz about finding your purpose which has resulted in both flawed and sound conclusions. This series is here to share my thoughts on purpose to both parents and teenagers on what purpose is and how to guide young people into finding it.

What is Purpose?

Simply put purpose is that which you were born to achieve. It is the gap in the world that you were born to fill in. It is the space that your talents, gifts, and vision are meant to expand.

Everything that you love, that you are interested in, that you are skilled at and find yourself doing consistently are all related to the mandate that God has destined for your life.

Today I want us to stop seeing purpose as our future ambition or as a money-making scheme or as a way to get things out of life. Instead, we should start to view our purpose and our solution to a problem in the world.

I’ll leave you with these questions.

  1. What are my talents and skills?
  2. What does everyone say I am very good at?
  3. What problem in the world am I angry or sad about?
  4. How can I use my skills to solve this problem?

As a teenager, write out your answer to this question and show your parents; and as parents discuss this post with your teenagers and get them to answer these questions. See you in the next post.

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