Teen Spotlight: Meet Atuzie Tuzzi, A Multi Talented Teen Entrepreneur

About Her:

Atuzie Favour Tuzzi is a 19-year old Event Planner and concept creator at the TRT Events. She comperes events (talk shows, round tables, red carpets, anchor and also T.V hosting). She also does humour-centered oration and she is developing her skills at the weekend show on AIT. She volunteers her physical and mental expertise for organisations aimed at Serving Humanity in any capacity (with Serve Lead Global presently). She’s about to expand her Joy business by launching the Federal Ministry of Joy and Happiness, an advocacy for the Joy and Wellness of people especially Nigeria.
Born in August, into the Family of Pastor R.E Atuzie with 3 siblings, she’s out to maximize her calling from God while living the higher life.
She’s currently a student of the National Open University Nigeria(NOUN), Abuja for her first degree and intends to do her Accountancy certified exams in a short time.
Her business TRT Events (The Roshe Tuzzi Events) was nominated as the Event Management Brand of the year (startup) in December 2018, by The Entrepreneur Africa alongside big event brands like Events by S.I, partyfully yours, Lumirolls Events and a host of others.
She is a trained trainer and public speaker. She concluded her public speaking certification training in April 2019 under the Serve Lead Global project LEADERCOM 2019 and emerged second place winner after delivering her ‘epic’ speech on “MY JOURNEY, MY TRUTH”.
A passionate lover of God, planted in the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, Tuzzi thrives to attain the fullness of all God has called her to be and ensure her gifts, talents and calling makes a Global Impact.

Lets meet her:

Question One: You are a teenager who has discovered your passion quite early, do share how you began on this path?

Thank You for this privilege.
Like I always tell people, my life is a full story book so I’ll just be giving summaries o.
Coming from a family where our parents were working so hard to ensure we are comfortable in their sight (cause it wasn’t actually up to what our mates where enjoying at that time).
My parents would always sing to our ears that we don’t have any rich relative anywhere so we must read our books, pass our exams, get first class, work in a good company and make money 😂
Irony of my own life.. I tried to enter school about 5 times before now.
At 16, I decided to do ushering jobs to have small small cash for myself. It was then I understood that an Event is actually a big deal because prior to that time I really didn’t understand the big deal until I started crawling..
After being rejected as an usher by two event companies because of my height and skin tone then, I decided to further into it.
All I wanted to do was create an avenue for doing what I love, making money from it while expressing my utmost self and giving other young people who are probably unsure of themselves the same avenue of Joy! I call my business a Joy Business 😁

Question Two: What role did your parent(s) play?

I think I’ve answered question 2 in question one too😁
They weren’t actually receptive about the going out too much, staying out late, hotel booking, far destinations and all of that.
I’m a young girl, I’m the last born and unlike my mates I’m in *#UNIHOME!* 😂
But prayers, guidance from the Holy Spirit, putting my passion on display and being ruthlessly adamant paved the way and gave me acceptance even though they still chip in read your books and don’t get distracted with work 😂


Question Three: Tell us about your daily routine.

I’m a spontaneous person o!
No permanent routine and routine is boring to me😬
Prayers, clean up and getting the day’s task done with daily evaluation is always carried out.
Every other thing is a scheduled in order of importance

Question Four: How do you manage school life with all of your other passions?

School is school, work is work.
God has been of great help o! Cause my school is tough and it’s for serious working class people so it’s actually flexible for me!
Key rule: give NOUN what is NOUN’s, give the Atuzie’s (my parents and siblings) what is theirs and give Tuzzi what is Tuzzi’s.
Always create a balance and the only scale that should weigh heavier is that of your relationship with God 😁
He won’t lead you astray and He’ll ensure you’re actually balanced .


Question Five: Mention 3 people that inspire you and why.

Alot of people inspire me o!
I pick a character and see how that character can impact my life.
So I’ll align it to three:
Career and Business wise it’s Funke Bucknor. She’s been in the business for years and she’s still relevant, that’s a standard for me.
Lifestyle, it’s alot o but I’ll Celebrate my pastors, PB and PK. They’ve taught and shown me how to maximize my calling. They’ve made me understand that my life, service to God and Business and career are one so it must sync and Every thing I do should be excellent as pleasing to God always.
My parents inspire my zeal and passion! I am learning from their mistakes and experiences so I thrive to do better because there’s always room to stretch and be better.

Question Six: What can you say is your greatest achievement so far?

Hmmmm… my business was nominated for an award last year December by The Entrepreneur Africa alongside big event brands that I even admire from far😁
The Event Management Brand of the year.
The other nominees where Events by Sandra Ikeji, Partyfully yours, Lumirolls Events(the major company I did Events training for 3 months)
It was just Awe-inspiring because it showed my little moves where being noticed and it’s a big deal for me and the team to do better


Question Seven: What mistake have you made that you wish you could correct?

Mistakes I’ve made hmmm…
Being too accesible to alot of people.
It’s really not healthy especially for future purposes but the future will meet me in peace

Question Eight: What drives you to do all the things that you do?

I am a great woman and the fact that destinies are attached to my success and existence. Losing out is a disappointment to God and the reason for creating me.
I’ve been sent to the Nations o!
I have a heavy calling and that is why God made me start early, as early as 17.


Question Nine: What does Peer Pressure mean to you?

Peer pressure is normal to everyone both old and young. The effect it has or will have on you is in line with the avenue YOU created.
Individuality concept is important in life because YOU have power to regard or discard.
It’s difficult especially in this mobile age but self discovery, awareness and acceptance is what saves you from falling for the pressure.


Question Ten: Have you ever been a victim of negative peer pressure? If yes, how did you to deal with it. If no, how do you avoid it?

I’ve been a victim.
I did self evaluation for a period of time and I found out that it wasn’t adding up. That was the period I actually discovered myself.
I realized there’s more to me than being what people wanted me to be. I used to be walking in people’s shadows.. Trying to please people I feared and revered.
I can only please God and I do so by being all what HE has called me to be. Step by Step I’m getting closer to that Mighty Woman and that helps me avoid it.
Know YOURSELF deeply and see yourself with God’s eye! That way you’ll place value on yourself and your peers won’t swerve you to the other side if you keep at it.

Question Eleven: Do Perfect Teens Exist?

Perfect teens? Hmmmm…
Life is a journey, perfection is a destination, we’ll get there, but certainly not as teens.
We are all Work in Progress 😁


Question Twelve: Where do you see yourself in five years?

In the next five years I’ll be Twenty-fine😁😁😁 Lol..
Wow at 25 I should have been done with my 2 degrees, ACCA if God permits. I would be sitting in several top boards concerning youth empowerment, the Event Industry and business development.


Question Thirteen: What is your advice for other young people who are looking up to you?

Wow!!! People looking up to me..
I’m not an icon, I’m not lucky .
It’s Grace, Discovery, Consistency and the right disposition that is leading me!
You can be and do everything God has called you to do! Find yourself in God, Do You!!!! Be real with yourself cause that’s how you’ll relate with others and of course, keep the RIGHT company always!! You don’t always have to hang around your mates!
If you seek wisdom, go to the WISE!!!
That way you’ll have little risk of peer pressure😁

Any final words?

Thank you Mr Gbenga for the opportunity and for all that you do for teens. I’ll also like to state that’s Grace makes it move from Hard work to Soft Work!
Never downplay the GodFactor, it’s the essential for a fulfilled life!
Shout out to my Coza Tribe, My Team members at TRT Events and my other sister Event businesses and vendors, my Senior colleagues at The Weekend Show on AIT, My co-volunteers at Serve Lead Global, my friends of 5❤, mentors and Every organisation I’ve served in! Developing Afrika, The African Writers, SheCan Nigeria, SLA, YALI and so on.
God Bless my parents and siblings ❤
God bless my customers!!
God Bless PB, PK, Chief Ma Osasu Igbinideon, Mr Oyewole Joledo, Mr Oliver Hack, Pelumi Fakorede, IfeOluwa Afolabi, Ukwu Chisom, Shade_Xo and Miss Seyitan Awojobi!!!
Their collective effort is making me a Star Girl!!! #MyLadders

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  1. Tuzzi !!! Is a BRAND that is so professional in her calling of duty!!!
    She is indeed a MINISTER OF JOY AND HAPPINESS!!!
    Meeting her and interacting with her hmmm the experience is just but a WOWED ONE!!


  2. Wow! This is just a damsel par excellence. I believe this is just the beginning of her success in life. Atuzie’s outgoing personality coupled with her entrepreneurial acumen is the first thing one will notice about her.
    Just as Dubai has a minister for happiness, I foresee such an office under Atuzie.

  3. That’s my girl. The joy of the Lord is your strength. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. God has the final say upon your life. Keep it up, dear.

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