The Positive Side Of Peer Pressure

There’s a popular misconception about peer pressure. Once the phrase is uttered it is immediately met with negative reactions. A lot of individuals, parents and even speakers have advised teens against peer pressure but what if I told you that peer pressure could also be positive. Today I’ll be discussing with you the positive side of peer pressure.
There are certain friends that you meet and from the first day you feel this strong desire to be a better person. You immediately want to dress better, talk better and do better all around your life.
There’s a reason A students flock around other A or B students and D or F students flock together. Moving around similarly minded people pressures you to do better likewise moving with people who aren’t serious makes you unserious.
I have a clique of childhood friends who are all high achievers. In January we celebrate one person, by February we are excited about the next and by March its another breaking boundaries. As a self driven person, I do not want to be left behind and so I’ll definitely strive to do better and be more successful.
Parents, counselors and even teens themselves should avoid branding peer pressure as solely negative. Encourage your kids to embrace friendships that push them to strive to be high achievers and you’ll see a positive change in their lives.

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