“Perfect Teens Do Not Exist Is The Best Guide For Youths In Today’s World” – OkadaBooks

When I wrote #PerfectTeenDoNotExist I had one goal – to impact as many lives as possible. It’s such an honour that barely a month later, there’s a review on #okadabooks blog referring to it as the best guide for youth in today’s world” Have you gotten a copy of my book?

See Excerpts from the Review:

My favourite thing about this book is how concise it is with fun examples to better understand the lessons taught. It is the sort of book you can read under one night. And then, you would want to reread yet again and find something new, or a better understanding of a lesson and principle taught. The principles are accompanied by examples and stories that you would remember from your childhood or have watched or heard off as a teenager. One of my favourite of such instances was using the animation movie “Finding Nemo” to teach many vital lessons.

Following a brief introduction, the author dives right into the book; with very clear chapters and headings. The book will answer questions and some more about Peer pressure and how to resist those. And then touch the idea and concern of finding one’s purpose – clearly showing an understanding of the need of teenagers to find in today’s world their footing and as Gbenga said, their inner voice.

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