Are Your Teens Battling With Low Confidence Or Depression? – Peer Pressure May Be The Cause

A lot of teens are constantly falling victim to negative peer pressure. A large number of teenagers end up conforming to these pressures while others are plagued by depression and low self esteem.
Their friends make fun of their looks, their values and inability to do some of the things they have refused to do even after exposure.
They internalize a lot of these words and form negative opinions about themselves and their identity. We witness social withdrawal and rudeness from bottled up anger and resentment. Parents struggle to understand the new behaviors their kids are exhibiting. A lot of times these young do not mean to act unruly, it’s just simply their mental state reflecting outwards.
Parents have to solve this by paying close attention to the mental health and image their kids have of themselves. Listen to the way they talk about themselves especially in comparison to their friends. Watch closely how they behave among other children. Do they share the spotlight or hide in the corners? Do they speak up for what they want or let their friends do all the talking?
The faster we curb the adverse effects of these verbal pressures on teenagers the easier it is to solve. As once they are older, remolding some of this low confidence, self esteem and depression issues might prove difficult.
My book Perfect Teens Do Not Exist, a manual and conversational book for teens is now available on Amazon, Barnes&Nobles and OkadaBooks. It treats peer pressure and building confidence in teens among others.
As a youth coach I believe books are an important step to building strong mental values in young people. As always I highly recommend getting one for your loved ones.

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