The Peer Pressure Series 1: You May Be Attracting The Pressure Yourself

I’ll be starting a peer pressure series today as a spin off of my book Perfect Teens Do Not Exist which is available across major online stores like Amazon, OkadaBooks and offline stores like Barnes&Nobles.

Today’s lesson will be based on how you as a person might be responsible for your own Pressure. Here’s an excerpt from my book:

Perfect Teens Do Not Exist Quotes

We have all been in a situation that made us feel like we were losing ourselves. You know something is wrong but you keep on. As the days go by you start to doubt yourself and all that you believe in.

You feel this huge temptation to do things you know you shouldn’t do because all your friends are doing it.

You might blame your friends for pressuring you but do you realize that they wouldn’t be your friend if you didn’t accept them into your corner?

You must have seen the signs that this person is a “good” or “bad” person but for some reason you were attracted to them.

There’s a popular saying which goes like this, “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” I’m sure you’ve heard it but you never internalized it. We are attracted to people who we want to be secretly.

Therefore, if you find yourself moving with people doing things that you shouldn’t do, first check yourself and ask why there’s a part of you that desires this.

It all starts from within. So today as your youth coach and youth mentor I’ll love for you to look inwards. Ask yourself, do I secretly like these things I condemn. If yes you need to  gain advice from more experienced people. If no you need to still gain advice.

Sometimes the pressure might be more from within than externally. This is why I’m charging you to honestly search your heart. You can share your thoughts in the comments below or share with other people you trust. Have a honest conversation about your true values. Looking forward to reading your discoveries.

To read more on peer pressure as a young teen or young adult, head over to Amazon, OkadaBooks and Barnes&Nobles to get a copy and follow me on @gbengaobakin on all platforms.


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