Gbenga Obakin’s Interview With Tolu Akinyemi

So I got interviewed by the roaring lion of Newcastle, Tolu Akinyemi. He is a writer, poet, speaker and author of four books. He is also endorsed by the Arts Council England.

See excerpts from the interview:

RLN: Would you say there can be perfect teens and how can parents deal with recalcitrant teens?

GO: There can be perfect teens. The book discusses topics such as dealing with peer pressure and staying confident in oneself. Staying confident and believing in oneself is very key as a teenager. It takes one through all stages in life. Being a perfect teen does not necessarily mean one gets it right 100%. But a teens self confidence and the peer group they keep can make them trace their steps back to the right path easily. Also, parents need to work together with teens at this stage of their lives and be strategic as well because it’s a very sensitive stage and this stage goes a long way to form the foundation of their future. The choices made will determine if a teen will be perfect or not. But in all, what matters most is to be able to find self-purpose in life. The power to make choices lie within but the consequences are way beyond us as we can not determine that. They only come automatically with the choices made and that is the major reason I wrote this book to help youths make good choices early in life so as to secure a good future.

RLN: Can we separate peer pressure from teens and what would you tell a teen/youth being challenged by peer pressure?

GO: Teens cannot be separated from peer pressure because this is a stage they identify themselves and establish the purpose for their lives, but self-confidence, identifying who they want to be friends with will go a long way to deal with peer pressure and this is one of the main messages I am passing across in the book.

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