Do You Want To Be A Scapegoat?

Today I’ll share a story of a young man. I am very sure everyone knows at least one person who had a similar experience.

This young man in question was from a very strict family. He had friends who were “living” the life he wanted. They were partying and drinking and doing everything he wasn’t permitted to do at a very young age.

One day, he had had enough and decided to defy his parents to run off with them. He had the perfect plan. He told them that he was going for a religious event. Meanwhile he was actually going for a party late in the night.

He had all the so called fun he wanted and joined these friends to drink heavily and indulged in dangerous drugs. On their way back there was an accident and guess what he was the only that died.

These friends were so shook by this that each of them changed and realized the fault in these activities. They are all doing well now but it took someone who was presume-ably innocent to be the scapegoat. It didn’t matter that it was his first time, he was the scapegoat. 

Life doesn’t care about if it’s your first time. The worst can happen if you give into vices. I know that there’s a lot of temptation but I need young people to understand that there is a reason why your parents want you to wait before doing certain things, when you are mentally strong.

Don’t rope yourself into a situation that would result in you becoming a scapegoat. Stick to your values. Trust me that fun you are seeking a day, after it’s over and you won’t even remember. Plus you don’t want something bad to happen and then you are the vessel that makes others wiser. Don’t stop pushing for your values. Don’t be a scapegoat. 

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